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MODICUM -- mod-i-cum -- noun: a small quantity of a particular thing, especially something considered desirable or valuable.

The sentiment of this definition influences everything we do here. It sums up our approach to our beers and our belief that they should exhibit small quantities of good things. It's all too easy to go forth in a heavy-handed way, believing that if a little is good, a lot must be better. Nuance is our specialty and our strength. We like to play to our strengths.

It also applies to our business model. We are tiny by design. Being small makes us manageable and agile. It means we have freedom to do and brew whatever we like. It allows us to ignore the extraneous facets of this industry and to focus on what's really important: our beer. 

At Modicum our mission is to provide a world-class beer drinking experience for the adventurous beer drinker by brewing refined, elegant, well-constructed beers that showcase complexity, subtlety, and nuance. 

 We love that beer is a social beverage: it's better shared. We are firm believers that beer can be elevated to a high art form, and sometimes it rightfully should be. But we are also believers in the idea that beer doesn't always have to be art. Sometimes it just needs to be beer; something best paired with good company and good conversation.

Cheers/Prost/Slainte/Sante/Na zdravi

-The Modicum Crew

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